School Education

Education is Nation Building activity. A school is not a building where a few children are confined in closed classrooms and bits of information are transferred to their brains.

A school is an organic system of transforming young children into responsible citizens. The objective of the transformation is to build a strong, vibrant Nation. For a Nation to be strong and vibrant, its citizens should be physically strong, intellectually sound, morally upright, spiritually awakened and must have faith in the Nation's values and culture.

Vivekananda Educational Society strives to mould the character of every child under its care and to develop their whole personality in a harmonious and positive way, which alone will bring about a qualitative change in their lives. In short, Vivekananda Educational Society strives to educate students not just for a living, but for life itself.


Origin of Vivekananda Educational Society

Vivekananda Educational Society (VES), was founded as a duly registered society in the year 1972 by a group of eminent, public spirited and service minded persons who were closely associated with Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari, with the sole aim to provide Value Based, National, Man Making education by establishing schools in and around Chennai with public service as the motive.


Academic Excellence

Child-friendly, play way methods of teaching especially at primary and pre primary levels, scientific teaching methods, supervision by senior teachers and education officers, periodic training for teachers, common examination and common valuation are unique features of VES schools.



  • Owns and manages 20 (CBSE) schools in and around Chennai – many of them in villages and suburbs.
  • Serves more than 26,000 households mainly belonging to middle or lower middle classes.
  • Our cluster of schools include a ‘Gurukulam – Residential School’ – manifesting Swami Vivekananda’s idea – “Gurugrihavasa”
  • Provides value-based, national and spiritual, education at affordable cost.
  • Employs over a thousand devoted and dedicated teachers, who undergo regular, in-house and intra-house orientation programmes to upgrade their knowledge and sharpen their skills.
  • Schools managed by eminent educationists and social workers for whom service is above self.
  • Conducts several co-scholastic, extra-curricular activities and programmes right through the year with the aim of developing total personality of each student. Inter-school sports and athletic meets, cultural and talent competitions, yogasana competitions, music festivals, drama, cultural programmes, exhibitions, celebrations of national and spiritual festivals, service camps for students, motivation lectures are some of the salient features of frequently held activities in our schools.
  • All schools produce cent percent pass in qualifying Board Examinations, many students achieving meritorious performance at Regional and National level.
  • All the schools affiliated to Vidya Bharati, the largest voluntary Educational organization, guiding more than 26,000 schools all over the Nation.
  • Implements unique play-way method of teaching (Sishuvatika) at Pre Primary level.
  • Schools function as hub of social service in respective localities. They take up service in the neighbourhood, especially in slums, for upliftment of the living conditions of economically weaker sections of the society. They support orphanages, old age homes, organize and conduct annadanam, blood / eye donation camps, health screening programmes, promote social harmony by organizing Kuthuvilakku pooja.

You too are welcome to join us in the task of service to the humanity, preferably by :-

  • Contributing for construction of schools, halls, classrooms, library and by donating computers, books etc.
  • Creating scholarship endowment.
  • Gifting land for schools in rural areas.
  • Contributing for Gosamrakshana in the Goshala run in our Residential School.

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